The Ultimate Guide to Guest Wi-Fi Management for Hotel Brands

Free, reliable Wi-Fi continues to be the #1 most desired amenity. Yet, hotel brands still continue to struggle with how to deliver a consistent, high performance experience when each of their properties has its own network hardware, software and service provider.

Whether you’re building a Wi-Fi strategy from the ground up or optimizing existing network infrastructure, we’ve created your new go-to resource for building a great Wi-Fi experience that keeps guests coming back. The Ultimate Guide to Guest Wi-Fi Management is designed to deliver you a comprehensive and unparalleled guest Wi-Fi education. And it’s all 100% free for you to enjoy.  



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What can I expect to learn from this guide?

  1. What central Wi-Fi authentication is and why it should matter to you and your brand
  2. Market trends pointing to Wi-Fi as “the great enabler” of great guest experiences that drive loyalty
  3. How a central authentication platform helps you identify, engage, and reward loyal guests
  4. The importance of centrally managing Wi-Fi across the entire brand
  5. What Passpoint is and how auto-authentication is changing the Wi-Fi game
  6. Essential features of a robust central authentication platform
  7. How to monetize free Wi-Fi and drive return on your investment

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