Hotelier's Guide to the Guest Wi-Fi Journey



Imagine an automatic Wi-Fi connection that your guests and staff never have to think about. Imagine a secure way to automatically connect guest smartphones to in-room devices to stream movies, set the temperature or turn off the lights.

In the Hotelier’s Guide to the Connected Guest Journey, we’ll show you how to create a frictionless Wi-Fi experience, including:

  • Lifetime Authentication: Reward loyalty members with instant, fastest connection levels at every property with Passpoint (HotSpot 2.0).

  • Personal Area Networks (PAN): Easily and securely cast content to the TV and control room settings like temperature and lights.

  • Mobile App Adoption: Drive mobile app adoption with free Wi-Fi as an incentive for mobile bookings, check-in, etc.

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What does Wi-Fi have to do with the guest journey?


guest-wifi-journey-guide-iPad.pngGuests want to automatically connect at all your properties, stream and cast the content they want to the in-room TV, control the room temperature and lights with their phone. What do all of these things have in common? They are driven by a connection to the Wi-Fi. Given the complexity of hotel networks, delivering this homelike experience is next to impossible when Wi-Fi is managed in a decentralized way.

Central guest Wi-Fi management makes it easy for you to securely authenticate and manage guest and hotel-managed devices and to provision great Wi-Fi across your entire brand to deliver the ultimate connected guest journey. Learn how to leverage your current network infrastucture to get more out of your Wi-Fi; fill out the form above to download the Hotelier's Guide to the Guest Wi-Fi Journey today.