From Wi-Fi to Loyalty: The Hierarchy of Connectivity eBook

People today expect to be connected always and everywhere; sometimes it's hard to believe that there was a world before smartphones and Wi-Fi. In the time since Wi-Fi became ubiquitous in hotels, apartments, and public spaces, it has fueled the evolution of connectivity in a lot of ways. Just like Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the most basic needs start at the bottom, and you can't get to the next level without a strong foundation.


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ElevenOS: seamless guest Wi-Fi made simple



The changing future of Wi-Fi is not slowing down as hotels and guests use more applications that depend on a reliable connection to the network. It's important to lay the groundwork to handle advances in Wi-Fi technology.

The ElevenOS central guest Wi-Fi platform makes it easy for hotel brands to deliver a consistently great guest Wi-Fi experience across all properties, devices and providers. Eleven is hospitality’s trusted Wi-Fi leader for more than fifteen years, helping leading brands and boutiques deliver great guest Wi-Fi to more than 9 million guests per month.